"Being With" Counseling
Sadie Scabarozi - 5745 NE Glisan St., Portland, OR 97213 - (503) 206-2703 - ssrozi123@gmail.com

About Sadie

Sadie grew up in New Jersey and moved to Portland in 1979 after short stints in New York City and New Orleans. Drawing on her natural empathic nature, Sadie served as a counselor for various social service agencies for over 20 years. Sadie began studying Non-violent Communicate in 2002 and Hakomi in 2007. Sadie has been working privately with individuals, couples and small groups for over 10 years.

"Of all the NVC Trainers we know, Sadie truly embodies natural empathy and the spirit of Non-violent Communication. Here work with us has been invaluable and has had a positive "trickle-down" effect throughout our extended family. "
Steve Unger & Dustin Carsey, Innkeepers


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